Based in Bellingham, WA, and serving the greater Pacific Northwest region, Flourish is a floral design studio passionate about all things growing. Our design aesthetic evokes a lush and natural beauty by drawing from the bounty of each season.

Whenever possible, Flourish sources fresh from the field flowers grown by local farmers, giving our arrangements a romantic, gathered-from-the-garden charm. We're always looking for new and unique floral varieties and textures to bring visual interest to each arrangement we make. 

Our goal is to share the joy and magic of flowers with you, bringing beauty into your everyday life, special event, or celebration. At Flourish, we love connecting with clients to discuss their unique vision for their flowers.

Photo by Maddie Takata

Photo by Maddie Takata

Hello! I'm Megan Mailhot, proprietor and designer at Flourish.

My passion for all things growing and beautiful began at a young age. Kneeling in the garden every spring, I helped my grandmother plant violets. My tough and tender grandpa would delight in sharing tomatoes and cucumbers picked straight from the vines in his greenhouse, "Try this one, honeybabe." I remember the sweet and heavy fragrance of my mother’s lilac bushes in our backyard. And the time she showed me how to find the ‘lady in the bathtub’ hiding in the bleeding heart bush. I spent many summers walking barefoot around my aunt and uncle's flower farm and plenty of weekends watching my neighbor design floral arrangements on her kitchen counter. The feel of dirt under my feet and flowers in my hands has given me concrete ties to moments I cherish and people I love.

Ten years ago I moved from Alaska to Bellingham to attend Western Washington University. I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and with a really great guy. We’ve made a pretty wonderful life here in this creative and outdoorsy community. When I'm not knee deep in flowers you'll probably find me cooking for friends, traveling to new places (especially near the ocean), sewing, playing board games with my husband or working in the garden.